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What is the Problem?

Pair & Compare came from a need I experienced during web development and design. Whenever I wanted to choose a great-looking font (or font-pair) for a project, I would start a tedious process of searching for a font (especially from Google Fonts), then editing my code to include the font, and then seeing the results in the browser, and repeating that. This is bearable, but the problem gets worse when I want to compare different fonts (or font-pairings) on the same page, so I can see which one is better. From these needs, comes Pair & Compare. Click below to watch the introductory video: video-placeholder



Main Page
Choose any Google font and try it immadiately, without downloading, without installing. You may also choose fonts already installed on your device (local fonts)
Compare fonts and font pairs on the same page
Control many settings: Change background and text colors
Control many settings: Change font weight, size, line height, color, etc.
Customize settings form Global Options


Try all Google Fonts (800+ fonts) on your text quickly
Without downloading or installing any of them, without copying and pasting font names, without adding and editing HTML link tags, without switching windows or refreshing browsers — without the hassle. But with just a click.

Not just Google fonts. You can also add and use fonts from your device.

Pair fonts easily and quickly.

Compare many fonts (or font pairings) on the same page

Control a lot of settings: font size, color, background color, text width, line height, etc, fast and smoothly.

Explore fonts in the easiest way with Font Show feature

Bookmark fonts while experimenting to decide later between them.

Clean interface: hide the sidebar for a cleaner one.

All languages are supported.

Change any text you want. Put your own text.


Pair & Compare is built and designed by Ammar Alyousfi.

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Open-Source Libraries

Many open-source products were used to build Pair & Compare:

Thanks to the open-source community

Thanks also to the web hosting service Netlify for offering a great free plan that allows me to host this website for free.

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